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Tromsø Skyrace was started in 2014 by Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg. After spending time in the Tromsø area, the two of them wanted to create a race that followed the soul of sky running. Participants must have a combination of endurance, speed and mountaineering skills and knowledge to complete the course linking technical summits.


“We cannot think of a better place than the mountains of Tromsø for a skyrace: a place to run between the sky and the earth and to feel freedom. You will run technical ridges with views of the fjords, and cross grass valleys in true wilderness, while still close to the iconic and beautiful city Tromsø. The course joins the 2 higher summits of the area, Tromsdalstind and Hamperokken, in pure single track and off-trail style “   

                                                                   -Emelie Forsberg

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Tromsø Skyrace is about enjoying the beautiful terrain and surroundings in the spectacular Tromsø area. Hamperokken Skyrace is an elite race that demands a high level of endurance and technical skills, just as Kilian and Emelie wished the race to be. Our other races are well suited for runners of all abilites. We wish to welcome you to an event with a relaxed, but fun atmoshere, and to share your passion for mountain running with others!

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